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henna  art

Henna is a plant, used in both the Middle East and India for thousands of years to create beautiful, temporary skin art. Henna is mixed with an essential oil to make a paste and then applied to the surface of the skin to stain the outer layer with a beautiful orange/brown design that can last for 1-6 weeks depending on how often the skin is washed or exfoliated etc.

Once the paste is applied, it must remain UNDISTURBED for at least a few hours and then scraped off (not washed off) to reveal the lovely design. The stain will be light orange when you first remove the henna paste. It will darken over the next 2 - 3 days. Avoid scrubbing and avoid chlorinated water if you want your henna design to last longer.

Most people will achieve a dark brown stain depending on their individual skin type and how well they take care of their henna design. If you have any fragrance or essential oil sensitivities, please consult your henna artist.

WARNING: If you are unsure of whether your guests have any allergies or if you feel your guest wouldn’t be able to let the paste rest undisturbed for several hours this may not be a good fit for your event. Since “black henna” isn’t really henna and is found to be unsafe we do not have this available for our customers.

Henna Artist is available for $215 for the first hour and $150/hr each additional hour can create many small simple designs or fewer more elaborate designs.

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